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AI crafts emails that hit 90+ Lavender score
Match your guidelines with zero code workflows
AI apps can be modified with your logics, guidelines, language and follow the best examples of your content.
Tailor sales AI apps to your needs without any coding required.
Customize copywriting or classification examples for AI
Set the order of actions for AI agents
Control AI's behavior with custom rules and instructions
Filter out inaccurate AI-generated results instantly
Run Sales AI apps at scale
Get results for hundreds of prospects, leads or customers in your tables in minutes.
Process up to 200 entries with AI for just 2 minutes
Work with generated results in good old tables
Test the accuracy of your AI apps at scale
Use tables for batch processing in other tools
Integrate Sales AI with Hubspot, Slack and 1000+ other tools
With Drafter AI for Sales, every software you use becomes AI-powered.
Say goodbye to manual processes and welcome AI-powered sales workflows.
Enrich your CRM data with custom AI features automatically
Perform research, extract specific data and categorize your prospects in the software you use every day
Get personalized emails ready-to-go in your email automation tools as soon as new prospect is added
Expand your sales software with any AI features you're need but missing there
Getting Started
Step 1
Sign up
Create and setup your sales AI workspace.
step 2
Start using tens of pre-made AI apps tailored for sales.
step 3
Modify workflows, examples and knowledge AI uses to make it truly yours.
step 4
Integrate and Scale
Integrate AI apps with Hubspot, Slack and 1000+ other tools to make AI work where you need it.
All-in-one Sales AI
Overwhelmed with hundreds of different sales AI tools and features in market?
Replace 90% of them using one Drafter AI platform.
Get all the AI apps you need for sales where you need them.
Personalized Sales AI Solutions
Unsatisfied with generic AI responses?
Drafter AI puts you in control.
Adapt AI seamlessly to your specific needs.
Perfect Security
Concerned about data leaks when using AI tools?
Use Drafter AI's local deployments for sensitive documents
Enjoy zero risk with on-premise client data management.
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