3X Faster Launch for Your Web App

Drafter AI Platform is a ready-to-use platform for web apps. 

With most of the web app components made and deployed you're finally free from reinventing the wheel forever. 

No credit card required.
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    Get a stable and high-performing web app built using the best practices.
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    Get rid of technical hassle with deployment and scaling as it's included.
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    Draft the workflows of your application with a few lines of code.

How It Works

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    Start with Pre-made Web App

    Get your web app deployed and ready to use in minutes. 

    All the regular components like interfaces, user authentication, team collaboration, customer support, or embed product analytics will be there from the very beginning.

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    Build Workflows to Work

    Sure thing, your app should do something that makes it unique or at least competitive. 

    The good news is that you can choose the workflow you need from our templates, or just develop and connect your own.

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    Present to Users

    From now and onwards you don't need to wait months or even years to present your product to your team, partners, investors, or end-users.

    It takes merely days to deliver a valuable production-ready application, get feedback, paid users, and investments.

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    Grow Continuously

    Finally, you don't need to spend time developing another version of the application from scratch when your idea becomes proven.

    Drafter Platform doesn't limit your possibilities.

    We decently recognize that our features are marvelous, but nothing could compete with your developers.

    That's OK!

    Develop and connect anything you need perpetually without losing pace in growth.

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What's Inside

  • Custom Brand

    Change logo, color scheme, and fonts to match the app to your branding.

  • Billing and Invoices

    Let users submit their credit card information to purchase a product or service and view or download past invoices. 

  • User Onboarding

    Help users get started by providing videos, knowledge base, or in-page guides. 

  • User Authentication

    Let users register or sign in to the app with their username and password. Or restore passwords if users forgot them.

  • User Role Management

    Control the features and permissions available to individual users.

  • Team Collaboration

    Allow end-users to invite each other and work on the same project together.

  • Product Analytics

    See how your customers are using the product by tracking pre-configured events and conversions.

  • Transaction Emails

    Send transactional emails such as welcome messages, invoices, reminders, and password reset links.

  • Data Vizualization

    Present data and outputs in a clear and engaging manner to help users understand them. 

  • 3rd party Integrations

    Integrate your app with other apps and services to streamline your workflows. 

  • On Demand

    Pre-made AI/ML Models

    Tap into our library of pre-made AI/ML models to implement them instantly and free up your time.

  • On Demand

    API for Custom Development

    Need to build something really unique? No problem, just integrate your custom code into the app using the API. 

Acquire Customers Since Day One

Get your web app with all the components instead of building from scratch.

  • Starter Kit

    Get started with your web app idea and demonstrate it live since day zero.
    per 1,000,000 credits
    • ✓
      Up to 5 users
    • ✓
      Pre-made Integrations
    • ✓
      Pre-made Workflows
    • ✓
      Subdomain only
  • Growth Kit

    Provide unlimited end users with a scalable web app under your own brand.
    Unlimited credits
    • ✓
      Unlimited Users
    • ✓
      Custom Integrations
    • ✓
      Custom Workflows
    • ✓
      Custom Domain
    • ✓
      Premium support

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