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  • Access Once

    Access and test 100+ AIs and data sources instantly, without the need to set up anything.

  • Combine Seamlessly

    Make multiple AI and data sources work together to add extra value to the features.

  • Integrate Easily

    Use no-code integrations, API, or SDK to connect things you've built to your products.

Build with no code

Integrate with a few lines of code

Build in minutes

  • Process Texts

    Recognize types of the texts and sentiment, extract entities and keywords, and many more

  • Generate Texts

    Generate texts and messages using examples and rich template builder

  • Extract Data

    Having URL only, extract metadata like title, description or favicon

  • Categorize Websites

    Get category of the specific website

  • Check Readability

    Check grammar, define readability score

  • Search the Web

    Configure custom search algorithms using multiple search engines like Google or Bing

  • Get and Enrich Data

    Get your or third-party data from connected sources, combine and output it

  • Find Media

    Find images using specific topics or keywords from multiple sources

  • Recognize Images

    Identify and label the content of the images with scoring

  • Translate Texts

    Detect languages and translate your texts into another language (or multiple ones) at once.

  • upcoming

    Recognize Speech

    Convert speeches into texts in real-time or in bulk

  • upcoming

    Generate Speech

    Synthesize speeches by using text scripts as an input

  • Upcoming

    Process Documents

    Recognize types of the texts, recognize sentiment, extract entities, and many more

  • Upcoming

    Build Custom AI

    Create custom prediction and scoring models for customers, leads or employees.

Build in just 3 steps

  • 1

    1. Design Workflows

    Setup the app’s workflows using our inventory of 100+ different data sources and ML models.

    Include your custom data and components, if necessary. 

  • 2

    2. Test and Refine Output

    View, test, and modify the output with data-rich cards, tables, and/or charts.

  • 3

    3. Connect to your Product

    When it's ready, connect it via API to your app and activate the workflow whenever it works for you.


See what other built

Anthony rosset 5r5554u mho unsplash Anthony rosset 5r5554u mho unsplash

AI that Suggests Ads

Using Drafter AI and its own dataset of best ads examples, the customer created an AI-driven app, that generates ads suggestions for both the in-house team and the end customers.

It enables the team and customers to get relevant ads ideas and suggestions in seconds.

2 hrs to build
Charles deluvio rrwivqzlm7k unsplash Charles deluvio rrwivqzlm7k unsplash

AI-powered Job Board

Using Drafter AI, the customer created an AI-powered search for internships that provides job posting with extracted and enriched information.

It enables candidates to find relevant jobs 5x faster

1.5 hrs to build


Get stable and high-performing AI features built using the best practices. 


Get rid of technical hassle with deployment and scaling as it's included. 


Draft the workflows of your application with a few lines of code

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