Add AI/ML Features to Your App in Hours

Collect data from multiple sources, combine it with yours and enrich it with AI/ML models as easily as never before.

Drafter AI provides you with everything to do that and connect to your apps.

With most of the things ready-to-go, get started in hours. 

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    Get a stable and high-performing AI/ML features built using the best practices. 

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    Get rid of technical hassle with deployment and scaling as it's included. 

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    Draft the workflows of your application with a few lines of code. 

See it in Action

Setup in 3 Simple Steps

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    1. Design Workflows

    Setup the app’s workflows using our inventory of 1000+ different data sources and AI/ML models.

    Include your custom data and components, if necessary. 

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    2. Test and Refine Output

    View, test, and modify the output with data-rich cards, tables, and/or charts.

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    3. Connect to your Apps

    When it's ready, connect it via API to your app and activate the workflow whenever it works for you.

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Some of AI/ML Features to Get

  • Text Processing

    Recognize types of the texts, recognize sentiment, extract entities, and many more

  • Text Generation

    Generate texts and messages using examples and rich template builder

  • Website Data Extraction

    Having URL only, extract metadata like title, description or favicon

  • Website Classification

    Get category of the specific website

  • Readability Checks

    Check grammar, define readability score

  • Enhanced Web Search

    Configure custom search algorithms using multiple search engines like Google or Bing

  • Data Processing

    Get your or third-party data from connected sources, combine and output it

  • Image Search

    Find images using specific topics or keywords from multiple sources

  • upcoming

    Image Recognition

    Identify and label the content of the images with scoring

  • upcoming

    Speech Recognition

    Convert speeches into texts in real-time or in bulk

  • upcoming

    Speech Generation

    Synthesize speeches by using text scripts as an input

  • Upcoming

    Document Recognition

    Recognize types of the texts, recognize sentiment, extract entities, and many more

  • Upcoming

    Custom Scoring

    Create custom scoring models for customers, leads, employees, or products

  • Upcoming

    Data Enrichment

    Enrich your data with new data using multiple 3rd party data sources

Launch AI/ML Since Day One

Empower your product with all the AI/ML components ready-to-go instead of building them from scratch.

  • Team

    Build any AI-powered internal tools you need for your team and stakeholders
    per 1,000,000 credits
    • ✓
      Up to 10 users
    • ✓
      Pre-made Integrations
    • ✓
      Subdomain only
  • Product

    Integrate your tech and provide unlimited end users with a custom product.
    + Pay per use
    • ✓
      Unlimited Users
    • ✓
      Custom Integrations
    • ✓
      Custom Domain
    • ✓
      API Access
    • ✓
      Premium Support

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