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I've been using Drafter AI for a while now and I love it. It's such a time saver. I never have to worry about what to post on social media again.

It's so easy to create content with and the customer service is amazing!

Maria Jameson

Marketing Agency Owner

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Drafter AI Platform is a powerful content-generation engine for marketing agencies. 

Get a Strong Base for Content Marketing.

  • for Content Writing

    • Ideas of Article Headlines
    • Blog Article Summaries
    • Blog Article Outlines
    • Blog Article Paragraphs
  • for Social Media

    • Ads and Promotions
    • LinkedIn Posts
    • Facebook Posts
    • Tweet Ideas
    • Descriptions for Instagram
  • for Communications

    • Cold Emails for Sales
    • Follow-up Emails
    • Marketing Campaign Emails
    • Email Pitches

How to Use AI to Generate Stories for Marketing: Cons and Pros

"...AI allows marketers to better deliver experiences based on the customer's needs and behavior. Through natural language processing, AI allows marketers to connect with customers and gain access to information that was previously inaccessible.

Also, AI can be used to generate personalized content, streamline customer service, and improve the customer experience.

Let’s talk about generating stories."

Oleg Voronko, Founder Drafter AI

How It Works

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    Writer's Block? Get Started with Generating Some Ideas

    Drafter AI helps you generate ideas for your project by brainstorming with you.

    Based on your input, AI comes up with a series of ideas and suggestions to spark your imagination. 

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    Convert Your Ideas into Compelling Texts

    You have amazing ideas that deserve to be heard.

    Drafter AI helps you turn your ideas into a story that engages and inspires your audience. Generate a story that is compelling, coherent, and structured. 

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    Generate Multiple Samples, Refine and Publish the Best One

    Drafter AI helps you generate multiple samples when you have limited time and resources.

    You can improve them and publish the best one. 

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    Templates inside
  • 200+
    Companies use us
  • 20M+
    Pieces of content delivered

AI is the future of the marketing business. Take your part!

Skyrocket your content marketing operations.

  • Unique

    Generate drafts of the text never used before. 100% pass of plagiarism check.

  • All-in-One

    We combine most of popular types of content at once. Texts, images, GIFs with audio and video ahead.

  • Multi-Language

    English, Spanish, Portugal, French, German and Italian to start from. 20 more languages ahead.