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Drafter AI automatically composes the correct and compelling texts for marketing campaigns at scale.

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Draft Articles for Blogs about Every Popular Topic

Compose Sales and Marketing Emails

Deliver Ads Variations in Different Formats

Generate Article Headlines for Blogs

Get Ideas and Summaries for Next Article

Make Texts Unique by Rephrasing

Craft Marketing Texts and Messages for Linkedin

Draft Marketing Texts for Facebook

Get Ideas for Sponsored Tweets from Hashtags

Write eCommerce Product Descriptions at Scale

Generate Descriptions for Youtube Videos

Generate Ideas about Next Instagram Post

In 6 Languages:







Writer's Block? Get Started with Generating Some Ideas

Drafter AI helps you generate ideas for your project by brainstorming with you.

Based on your input, AI comes up with a series of ideas and suggestions to spark your imagination.

Convert Your Ideas into Compelling Texts

You have amazing ideas that deserve to be heard.

Drafter AI helps you turn your ideas into a story that engages and inspires your audience. Generate a story that is compelling, coherent, and structured.

Generate Multiple Samples, Refine and Publish the Best One

Drafter AI helps you generate multiple samples when you have limited time and resources.

You can improve them and publish the best one.


AI refined with extra layer of 100,000+ most popular pieces of content.

It knows in advance what each audience loves.


AI recognizes and delivers the most relevant options to you.

Don't waste your time reading absolute non-sense


AI must be safe and responsible.

We're working toward 100% filtering out results that may harm you or your business' reputation

Start delivering high-quality texts 80% faster

Monthly Subscription. No hidden fees.


100,000 characters/month

Image and GIF Suggestions

History of Generated Texts

Image Editor Integration

Self Service

$19.99 / month


Unlimited Quota

White-label App

Custom Domain

Fine-tuning Features

Support and Consulting


This is the future of the marketing business.
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