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"Best no-code AI automation tool I saw on the market!"
"Simple to use
No need to create your own API-keys
Ready-made templates
You can work with your own DATA!"
Stepan D. CEO No-code agency
"A game-changer for rapid AI development."
"Drafter AI is a game-changer for rapid AI development. With its user-friendly interface and integrated AI technologies, I've been able to effortlessly create powerful workflows and applications without any coding expertise."
Thibault BM Startup founder
"Very easy to use"
"I liked the most about Drafter AI is it is very easy to use. Just no need of coding experience or a prior experience for anything. Any one can use this AI tool for multiple uses for business. Thank you Drafter AI!"
Kaushik M. Product Developer
All-in-one AI
Overwhelmed with hundreds of different AI tools in market?
Replace 90% of them using one Drafter AI platform.
Personalized AI Solutions
Unsatisfied with generic AI responses?
Drafter AI puts you in control.
Adapt AI seamlessly to your specific needs.
Perfect Security
Concerned about data leaks when using AI tools?
Use Drafter AI's local deployments for sensitive documents
Enjoy zero risk with on-premise client data management
Supercharge Your Operations with AI:
✔️ Categorize and summarize email conversations
✔️ Summarize meetings and extract key notes from them
✔️ Automate work with files and docs
✔️ Optimize ad copy and targeting for better audience engagement.
✔️ Automate email campaigns with tailored messaging and recommendations.
✔️ Generate tailored product and service descriptions.
✔️ Automatically research your prospects to identify opportunities
✔️ Personalize outreach messages to increase reply rate
✔️ Generate personalized sales presentations
Customer Support
✔️ Automate fast and precise client responses with AI chatbots
✔️ Provide 24/7 support for prompt issue resolution
✔️ Tackle customer issues proactively using AI
Legal Ops
✔️ Let your team answer any questions on the legal documents
✔️ Summarize internal and public legal documents
✔️ Automatically categorize thousands of legal docs at once
✔️ Track your competitors' activity and market trends to react swiftly
✔️ Identify winning segments of customers, buyer personas and market opportunities
✔️ Improve your strategy with AI recommendations
Experience Real Results with Drafter AI
Drafter AI consistently delivers practical results, transforming 1000s of businesses with reliable AI technology.
AI apps built
Daily AI ops
Business owners no longer need to reinvent the wheel
Using Drafter AI creates a unique way of combining tens of AI technologies into single apps and executing them automatically.
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No-Code AI
With Drafter AI, effortlessly craft AI-powered tools and features.
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Build automation tools without hiring a team of ML engineers and waiting for years to get results.
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Empower tools you use with AI-powered features. Enable the next level of automation.
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Do more with fewer efforts and without involving developers or ML engineers.
Customize to Fit Your Needs
Keep your quality high by making AI follow your guidelines and internal knowledge.
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