White-label Content Generation AIs

For Marketing Agencies and Teams.

Customize and tailor content generation tech to meet your guidelines and best practices

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  • Fast Delivery

    Empower your team and customers with content generation in less than 1 week

  • White-labeled

    Deliver content generation features under your brand and domain

  • Customized

    Customize AI to fit your needs, guidelines, and best practices

Solid Infrastructure for Scaling the Content Marketing

Acquire tools to get your content marketing efforts to the next level. 

  • Text Generation AI

    Generate any pieces of content for social media, emails, e-commerce, or product marketing

  • Image Suggestions

    Get image ideas that are relevant to the texts you generate or write

  • GIF Suggestions

    Highlight your ideas with prominent GIFs. A proven way to make the content more prominent

  • Embed Image Editor

    Need quickly design custom images for marketing purposes? Not a problem, it's available right in-app.

  • Custom Content Templates

    Generate content that consists of multiple parts or requires advanced logic behind it.

  • Custom Domain

    Use your own domain and subdomains to provide the content generation features to your enterprise or customers

  • Custom Design

    Collaborate with us to deliver unique UX/UI of the app that fits your use cases and user behavior

  • Batch Operations

    Run and get hundreds of generations at once. Get drafts for long-term social media campaigns in hours.

  • Import, Store and Export

    Import data and export data without limitations. All your team's or customer's content drafts are being stored as history in compliance with standards and security

  • Analytics and Tracking

    Use analytical tools to track consumption, usage, users' in-app actions to make decisions about the next improvements. GDPR and CPAA compliant.

  • Bonus

    3rd party Integrations

    Build integrations with 3rd party data providers or tools to make your generations more personalized or up-to-date.

  • Bonus

    Regular Updates

    We have a lot of nice things in our roadmap. Butou have freedom to choose what you need. Or make requests.

    How it works

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      1. Create Company Account
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      2. Setup your Brand Assets
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      3. Configure Content Generation Templates
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      4. Test and Launch!

    Choose what you need

    • Team

      Tailor content generations to your team's needs
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        Internal team only
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        Limited Integrations
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        General support
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    • Partner

      Provide access both for the team and for 3rd party customers
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        Unlimited users
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        All integrations
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        Premium support
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    Don't you think it's time to tailor Content Marketing AI to your needs?

    Skyrocket your content marketing operations

    • White-label

      Own Your Brand

    • Powerful Builder

      Customize App Quickly

    • Flexible Fees

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