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No-Code AI
Build, test, use and integrate AI-powered tools in minutes instead of months - without a line of code.
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Automate Work with AI
No-code AI enables you to automate things without hiring a team of ML engineers and waiting for years to get results.
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Make Processes 10x Faster
Let your employees get rid of the operational routine.
Empower tools you use with AI-powered features. Enable the next level of automation.
Save 90% on Development Costs
Do more with fewer efforts and without involving developers or ML engineers.
Ensure Quality
Keep your quality high by making AI follow your guidelines.
Sales Intelligence
  • Identify key info about leads
  • Find out the interests of decision-makers
  • Draft personalized messages
Email Processing
  • Summarize incoming emails
  • Extract key data
  • Draft email responses
social media
Media Listening
  • Track mentions of your brand or products
  • Identify sentiment and context
  • Draft responses
customer experience
Support Empowerment
  • Detect sentiment of the customer's feedback
  • Transcribe call center recordings
  • Identify intents and topics of the customer's inquiries
Getting Started
Step 1
Get Training
During the discovery call we demonstrate, how to use the tool.
step 2
Build Workflows
Set up the app’s workflows using our inventory of 100+ different data sources and ML models.
step 3
Go Live
Get your own branded web app backed with AI, that is tailored to your best practices and guidelines.
Let your team in and get started!
Next Step in AI-powered Tools for Businesses
Copywriting AIs become a common thing, used by thousands of people these days.
But there is a problem - most of the content they generate is generic. Marketing agencies require generated copy that fits their guidelines.
That's why we created Drafter AI.
Using it, you can easily configure your own AI that follows YOUR best practices.
Oleh Voronko
CEO Drafter AI
Get branded web app under a custom domain for all your teammates and freelancers to access, use and collaborate.