All-in-one AI Tool for eCommerce

Access and use tens of AI solutions to automate most of the eCommerce analytics routine.

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Integrate Drafter AI with your eCommerce platform and 1000+ other tools using Zapier

Automate eCommerce Analytics Routine with AI

Get started with ready-to-go AI solutions instantly, customize and grow your toolset later.

  • Suggest Content

    Convert product names to SEO-optimized descriptions for your eCommerce product pages at scale.

  • Predict Prices

    Monitor and predict price changes for your products automatically to be ahead of competitors. 

  • Forecast Demand

    Get insights about demand for your products to plan and to stock inventory adequately. 

  • Monitor Competitors

    Track competitors' performance, products and customer feedback to identify opportunities.  

  • Translate Content

    Translate your product descriptions and content into several languages to reach international customers. 

  • Identify Up-sell Opportunities

    Identify potential products that can be sold to customers who have already made a purchase from you. 

  • Generate Ads

    Get customized ads for your product inventory at scale to reach the right customers and increase ROI. 

  • Monitor Customer's Feedback
    Customer Relations

    Automate using sentiment analysis to understand how your audience feels about your brand, product, and content.  

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Use Curated AI Technologies for eCommerce

  • Process Texts

    Recognize types of the texts and sentiment, extract entities and keywords, and many more

  • Generate Texts

    Generate texts and messages using examples and rich template builder

  • Extract Data

    Having URL only, extract metadata like title, description or favicon

  • Categorize Websites

    Get category of the specific website

  • Check Readability

    Check grammar, define readability score

  • Search the Web

    Configure custom search algorithms using multiple search engines like Google or Bing

  • Get and Enrich Data

    Get your or third-party data from connected sources, combine and output it

  • Find Media

    Find images using specific topics or keywords from multiple sources

  • Recognize Images

    Identify and label the content of the images with scoring

  • Translate Texts

    Detect languages and translate your texts into another language (or multiple ones) at once.

  • upcoming

    Recognize Speech

    Convert speeches into texts in real-time or in bulk

  • upcoming

    Generate Speech

    Synthesize speeches by using text scripts as an input

  • Upcoming

    Process Documents

    Recognize types of the texts, recognize sentiment, extract entities, and many more

  • Upcoming

    Build Custom AI

    Create custom prediction and scoring models for customers, leads or employees.

Setup in 3 Simple Steps

  • 1

    1. Create Your App

    Choose from ready-to-go apps for your use cases or create new app using our inventory of 100+ different data sources and AI.

  • 2

    2. Give Apps a Try

    Test if it works in the way you need. If it doesn't - you can always modify it or create the new one from scratch.

  • 3

    3. Start Using Apps

    3. Invite your team and get started in using apps to perform routine tasks automatically.

    You can maintain as many AI workflows as you want to.


Pay for what you use only

With Drafter AI's pay-as-you-go pricing, you only pay for the resources used. Our estimation engine allows you to understand how your costs can fluctuate based on tasks, workloads, and other variables used. There are no up-front fees or termination charges.
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$199 /month

$ per user

$199 /month

per 1,000,000 AI credits pack
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    Up to 5 collaborators
  • βœ“
    Access to all ready-to-go AI
  • βœ“
    All integrations
  • βœ“
    Get your subdomain

Other Use Cases

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AI that Suggests Ads

Using Drafter AI and its own dataset of best ads examples, the customer created an AI-driven app, that generates ads suggestions for both the in-house team and the end customers.

It enables the team and customers to get relevant ads ideas and suggestions in seconds.

2 hrs to build
Charles deluvio rrwivqzlm7k unsplash Charles deluvio rrwivqzlm7k unsplash

AI-powered Job Board

Using Drafter AI, the customer created an AI-powered search for internships that provides job posting with extracted and enriched information.

It enables candidates to find relevant jobs 5x faster

1.5 hrs to build

Automate Your eCommerce Analytics

Get started using ready-to-go AI solutions to automate most of eCommerce routine at once.

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