Use Pre-made Components

Drafter Platform has multiple components inside to let you build data-rich or AI-powered SaaS for end-users without coding.

  • Process Texts

    Recognize types of the texts, recognize sentiment, extract entities, and many more

  • Generate Texts

    Generate texts and messages using examples and rich template builder

  • Get Website Data

    Having URL only, extract metadata like title, description or favicon

  • Categorize Websites

    Get category of the specific website

  • Check Readability

    Check grammar, define readability score

  • Perform Web Searches

    Search for content using single or multiple search engines like Google or Bing

  • Process Data

    Get your or third-party data from connected sources, combine and output it

  • Search Images

    Find images using specific topics or keywords from multiple sources

  • Search GIFs

     Find GIFs by using keywords from multiple sources 

  • upcoming

    Recognize Images

    Identify and label the content of the images with scoring

  • upcoming

    Recognize Speeches

    Convert speeches into texts in real-time or in bulk

  • upcoming

    Generate Speeches

    Synthesize speeches by using text scripts as an input

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